Cascade Advanced Training Series @ Magnuson (CATS-m) Vigorous & Brisk

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Date and Time: 
Saturday, August 11, 2018 - 8:00am
Start Location: 
Magnuson Park W6 Parking Lot
NE 74th St & Sportsfield Dr NE
Seattle, WA 98115
Contact Information: 
Machiko Threlkeld
50.00 miles
Weather Cancellation: 
Ride Description: 

Come ride with us on Cascade Advanced Training Series at Magnuson (CATS-m)! We are here to help you get ready for Flying Wheels, Seattle to Portland (STP), Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party (RSVP) and other long distance ride events you put your mind to while enjoying scenery and company. 

CATS-m is held every Saturday from April to August from Magnuson Park. Mileage and total accumulative elevation gain will increase every week with a tapering day a week before the events. The mileage ranges from 40 miles up to 125 miles before STP. Although CATS-m is a series, everyone is welcome to join at anytime of the season. 

Each route has a stop every 20-25 miles for restrooms and water refilling. Longer routes will also include one longer food stop at cafe or grocery store. However, each rider should carry his/her own water, food and snacks at the start of the ride. Every rider is also expected to have tubes and tools and to be able to fix a flat and other minor mechanicals.

We will try to offer upper/lower end of each pace when Ride Leaders are available. If you go too fast/too slow for the pace, you will be asked to ride separately from the group. Every rider is expected to sustain and complete the route at the advertised pace without pacelining/drafting. If you become slower towards the end of the ride, be prepared to complete the ride by yourself or cut the route short (carrying ORCA card helps). Please bring a cue sheet and/or upload the route information onto your GPS device/smart phone.

***The final version of Ride with GPS link will be provided by Wednesday prior to the ride date in the comment section below.***

Even though it's not a requirement, we appreciate you register/sign e-waiver (register button right below the ride title) so that we can better plan to have appropriate number of Ride Leaders available. It will make the pre-ride process very easy, too.

In addition to steady rain, any other hazardous conditions will cancel a ride. If a ride is cancelled due to weather and hazardous conditions, it will be posted here in the comment section 2 hours prior to the start time and ride leaders will not be waiting at the start.

Note: Restrooms are at the start. 8am is a roll out time. Please come at least 15 min before the start time to sign a waiver and listen to the safety and route briefing


The last one!

Well, this is it for CATS! Thank you very much for joining and riding with us this year! We hope that you continue riding into the fall because Seattle dry weather will last a bit more.

As always, please sign a waiver for an easier check-in (yes, your name still have to be checked off on the physical, printed waiver). If you are intercepting us en route (which we CATS Ride Leaders don't discourage), PLEASE sign a waiver, post a comment here which pace group and what milepost you will do so, so that pace RLs will be aware of it. It's for the safety of you and everyone else in the group. If you fail to do so, you might be asked to ride separately from the group (and how fun is that?). If you are new-ish to us, you will be asked to learn what SMART riding is all about (I am not kidding). Thank you for your cooperation!



Mash the pedals

Attack the hills (or the ride leader)

Race the cars

Time your sprint!!!

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We always review the weather and radar prior to the start and at the start depending on the situation. We cancel rides if we don't like the current or near future situation prior to the ride and post a comment here, or we'll make the call as needed at the start if it becomes clear it is not suitable riding weather, or we will shorten the ride as appropriate. As of tonight, it's looking like we will be able to fit the ride in before the heavy rains hit, but this is Seattle and it could all change. For any ride, unless you see a cancellation notice here, ride leaders will be at the start.

Magnuson Park W6 Parking Lot
NE 74th St & Sportsfield Dr NE
Seattle, WA 98115