Adult Classes

adult classes are currently on hiatus for the winter offseason. classes will resume in march. please check our calendar in february for class postings for the 2019 season!

Do you want to learn how to repair your own bike, or to ride more safely in urban environments, or just to be more confident on your bicycle?

From daily maintenance to advanced cycling techniques, our classes will help you build the knowledge, skills and community support to achieve all your bicycling goals.

Adult classes are geared for participants ages 16 and up. Adult accompaniment is required for students under 18 years old. 



Maintenance classes


Flats don't have to ruin your ride. Learn to be self-sufficient and identify the supplies you’ll need to carry for a quick repair. More info →

Maintenance for Every Rider

Maintain your own bike to save time and money! Learn to identify minor problems before they become serious.
More info →

Chains & Derailleurs

Learn how your gears and shifting work in this hands-on class. With little adjustments we'll help you get your bike to shift and pedal more smoothly. More info →

Brakes, Wheels & Tires

Learn to prevent serious problems and make adjustments to any rim-brake bike. A critical class for anyone riding in the PNW! More info →

Disc Brakes, Wheels & Tires

Learn the techniques to maintaining disc brakes (hydraulic or mechanical, single or dual action) and keep your own brakes in top shape! More info →

She Bikes Cascade Classes

View all of the classes and social events designed to encourage more women to discover the joys and benefits of biking.
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Riding classes

Learn to Ride
Struggling with balance, starting or stopping? Learn to safely navigate the world from the seat of your bike. More info →
Back to Basics of Bicycling

Already know how to ride? Expand your bike handling skills alongside other riders near your skill level. More info →

Urban Cycling Techniques

Learn to safely and positively interact with city traffic so you can run errands, get to work, or get exercise on your bike. More info →