Bike 2 Health

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Bike 2 Health programming was developed to connect and strengthen the cities of Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace and Edmonds.

Programming is for residents living in these cities only. 

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Presentations & Demonstrations
Focused on a wide variety of topics from learning to fix your own flat to what to wear to stay safe and reflective, Cascade’s presentations help you learn the basics to be confident and educated while you ride a bike.
July 28 - Everyday Maintenace
Oct. 6 - Lights and Reflectors
Oct. 13 - Fix-a-Flat

Adult Riding Classes
Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or learning for the first time, Cascade's supportive and knowledgeable teachers can help. Join us for skill development, addressing bike myths, and learning how to navigate your neighborhood via bike.
Sept. 23 - Back to Basics

Family Rides
The whole family is invited to participate in exploring local neighborhood routes and destinations. These rides emphasize safety, fun, and learning to be a predictable rider while navigating around common destinations.
Sept. 26 - Edmonds 5:30p CANCELLED
Oct. 21 - Mountlake 9:00a
Oct. 21 - Lynnwood 12:30p
Oct. 21 - Edmonds 3:30p



Bike2Health regional bicycle networkThe cities of Lynnwood, Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace have launched Bike2Health, an effort to improve access to health and wellness choices, make bicycling safer, and increase connectivity in and among their communities. Through funding from the Verdant Health Commission, Bike2Health will complete 11 critical missing links of the regional bicycle network. Learn more!

Once complete, Bike2Health will create a regional bicycle network establishing several key north/south and east/west corridor routes and connecting major destinations (colleges, civic centers, employment centers, the Interurban Trail, etc.) and transit hubs (the Edmonds Ferry, the Lynnwood and Mounlake Terrace transit centers, and Swift bus rapid transit stations). In total, roughly ten miles of bicycle network will be connected or improved by installing shared lane markings, bicycle route signage and about six miles of new bicycle lanes. 

The goals of Bike2Health are to:

  • Increase ridership and improve safety for bicyclists throughout the three citities.
  • Reduce barriers to bicycling by providing end-of-trip facilities like bicycle parking and by improving wayfinding signage.
  • Raise awareness about the benefits of bicycling and provide bicycle safety education to the community.
  • ​Bicycling for either transportation or recreation, provides residents in the project area with more opportunities to stay physically active and pursue healthy lives. Bike2Health aims to help improve the health and well-being of community members. 

Engaging the Community

A major component of Bike2Health will be engaging the communities throughout the design phase, while also conducting public education and outreach about bicycle safety, benefits and routes. Community members will be able to participate in a number of family-friendly activities such as organized bike rides, classes, and bicycle rodeos.

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